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Tree Service & Landscaping in North Richland Hills, TX

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    Finding the right service provider for your landscaping needs has never been easier! J. Chavez Landscaping was created with the intention of providing superior services to community members, for an outstanding price. We go above and beyond each and every day to ensure that we not only meet but exceed the high expectations of our loyal customers. From start to finish you are sure to be surprised and delighted with your well-curated and strongly constructed results. We look forward to delivering the very best results to your commercial or residential space, so call us today and begin your journey.

    About Us

    From humble beginnings, J. Chavez Landscaping has grown to be the number one choice of commercial and residential clients throughout North Richland Hills, TX. For over fifteen years our team has come to find innovative and effective solutions for a variety of landscaping projects. Not only do we work tirelessly to meet the high expectations of our community members, but we work to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone that we work with. With a simple call to our customer care team, you are sure to see the heightened experience that is provided to each and every client who comes our way.


    Your commercial or residential property deserves the absolute best care possible; this means that you must invest in hiring proven professionals for the task. J. Chaves Landscaping is up to this challenge posed by community members of North Richland Hills, TX. Our services are diverse and can utilize innovative techniques to complete the job to satisfaction. From tree and shrub trimming and removal to lawn care and patio work, we have the tools and the tenure to complete your landscaping project.

    professional tree shrub trimming and removal

    Tree & Shrub Trimming
    and Removal

    Your tree and shrubbery installations will be maintained professionally with the help of our experienced landscapers. We take the time necessary to pay special attention to details, ensuring that you receive the very best results every time. Our tree and shrub removal and pruning services are completed with precision leaving you with nothing but the very best.

    affordable stump grinding service

    Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is a great solution for residential and commercial property owners who require the removal of leftover organic materials. The process of removing trees does not just end when the height is gone, instead, you will require professional services and tools to eradicate your property of the potential for regrowth!

    Wow! I was so surprised and delighted by the level of service provided and would recommend the team to anyone! They were committed to delivering the very best quality to me and my family, and for that we are thankful.” Hailey B.

    Lawn Care Service

    Keeping your lawn and surrounding landscape installations free from weeds, excessive growth, and healthy is easily done when you enlist the services of J. Chavez Landscaping! We offer exceptional packages that are guaranteed to meet and exceed the expectations of clients. Our lawn care services are tailored to fit the individual needs of our commercial or residential clients, and depending on the scope of work or needs of the installment we offer periodic or scheduled services.

    affordable lawn care service

    Patios and Stonework

    We know that you have options when it comes to choosing your landscaping artist for patio and stonework that is why we ensure that each experience we provide is unparalleled. For over fifteen years we have delivered some of the highest quality stonework for residents of North Richland Hills, TX. We take pride in our work and are committed to finding appropriate solutions for each client. We continue to grow and expand our services to meet the high standards of our community members, and thanks to the loyalty of our clients we can do so. For your personalized patio and stonework quote simply contact our caring team at the number listed.

    affordable patio and stonework service

    “You would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and detailed landscaping provider. Our fence restoration was not an easy task for the team to take on, but the finished product is beautiful.” Blake Y.

    professional retaining wall service

    Retaining Walls

    Adding a professional retaining wall to your property is a great way to transform your unusable space, add visual appeal, and increase the function of any inclined space. We offer complete installation packages that are tailored to the unique landscapes that each property possesses. Our retaining wall design and installation packages are unparalleled in both quality and price when compared to our competitors. Not only will your newly installed retaining wall offer you increased function and beauty, but it will boast exceptional drainage systems to ensure the best results for your commercial or residential property.

    professional wood fence installation

    Wood Fence Installation, Repair, and Staining

    Highly trained and qualified individuals always complete fence installation, repair, and staining services. We offer exceptional rates for every fencing service, this is always accompanied by world-class customer service. Finding the right solution for your wood fence is easy with the help of J. Chavez Landscaping! Our reputation for providing a superior product has propelled our position within the landscaping industry and solidified our position as the number one provider in North Richland Hills, TX. We offer customized services for commercial, residential, restoration, or installation projects throughout our community! Contact our customer care agents today for your free, no-pressure quote, or to book your service now.

    “Every time that we require yard maintenance for my commercial property we turn to these guys. I will continue to recommend their services to any business or person who requires high-quality results.” Henry D.

    Contact Us Today

    With a simple call, click, or direct message, you will be connected to top tier customer care associates who are ready to answer your questions. We work tirelessly to ensure that your experience with J. Chavez Landscaping leaves you smiling from ear to ear. We offer a diverse list of services including tree and shrub trimming and removal, stump grinding, lawn care, patios, and stonework, retaining walls, wood fence installation, repair and staining and so much more!