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Lawn Care Service

reliable lawn care service

Professional services delivered by J. Chavez Landscaping are unparalleled throughout our community of North Richland Hills. Not only do we deliver superb results for commercial and residential clients alike, but we also ensure that all lawn care services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each property. Our comprehensive procedures ensure that your lawn care is kept to the very highest standard possible. Lawn care covers a variety of services from mowing, cleanups, seasonal preparation, and even sod installation! Each and every member of our team is dedicated to finding and delivering the very best service for our wonderful clients. We look forward to helping you through your lawn care needs with expertise and fruitful results, guaranteed.

Sod Installation

The importance of professional sod installation should not be overlooked! To gain the very best results, we urge you to take advantage of our affordable and comprehensive sod installation packages. We offer proper sod preparation and installation steps that ensure the roots establish themselves sooner than ever! We are equipped with the knowledge and the experience necessary for proper, lasting, sod installation results. By paying attention to the steps involved with preparation as well as installation and aftercare we deliver a complete program that is designed to ensure healthy and lasting sod installation outcomes.


Our team has offered exceptional results to commercial and residential clients for over fifteen years! By ensuring that we deliver necessary services and follow up with the appropriate aftercare, we have championed unprecedented growth in our humble business. We offer mowing services that fit the unique needs of commercial and residential customers alike. Whether you are looking for periodic lawn care, or require scheduled mowing services we are here to help deliver the service you need for a price that you love. Our mowing services are completed with high-end tools that truly make a difference, and by landscaping artists who are leaders in our industry.

Flower Bed Cleanup

Spring is an exciting time! As weather changes and our landscapes begin to come back to life, we can take advantage of our outdoor living spaces. Spring is also a great time for commercial or residential property owners to hire J. Chavez Landscaping for their flowerbed cleanup needs. Our services are comprehensive and offer a complete cleanup from start to finish. From weeding to raking your flowerbed will reap the benefits of our professional touch and you are sure to see the blossoming results.


Lawn care services do not stop with the sod; instead, you are able to take advantage of our complete planting and flowerbed cleanup services! For years we have been lucky to offer exceptional results to residents of North Richland Hills, TX for reasonable rates. We will continue to champion our industry peers with high-quality planting services and so much more. We encourage you to take advantage of our no-pressure quotes in order to make an informed decision when it comes to your lawn care.

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