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Patios and Stonework

reliable patios and stonework

As a leading provider for all patio and stonework services in North Richland Hills and beyond, we are proud to deliver lasting products for our community members. We have continuously been chosen as the trusted landscaping expert for your patio and stonework needs year over year, and we can not thank you enough for the support provided. Our patio and stonework services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each client. This attention to detail ensures that the finished product is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. To find the right patio solution for your residential or commercial property contact tour customer care agents today!

Stone and Brick Mailbox 

The addition of a stone and brick mailbox on your property is a great way to improve the visual appeal of your home or business for an affordable rate. We offer complete, professional installation of brick and stone mailboxes throughout North Richland Hills and beyond! When choosing the materials that are to be used in your new mailbox, it is important to consider the overall aesthetic. Stone and brick mailboxes can be customized to fit the unique design preferences of each client.


Stonework installations have seemingly endless possibilities for outdoor living spaces! Transform your walkway, entrance, or entertaining space into an aesthetically appealing and functional area for all to enjoy. Stonework installments are great additions for homeowners whoa re looking to add seating in gardens, fire pits to outdoor living areas, or simply add a clear pathway through any area. Qualified individuals who can find innovative and effective solutions for any space requiring inspiration complete our stonework services. Contact our team today for your free, no-pressure quote or to book your stonework service and begin your journey towards a functional and beautiful future.

Patio Installation 

Enjoying your outdoor living area is a lot easier when you have the tools and the facilitates necessary for functional entertaining. Not only will you adore the visual appeal of a completed patio installation, but you are also sure to be surprised and delighted with the increased function! We work with our clients to find the true needs of each individual and find the most effective solutions. Experienced individuals complete with industry tools and our patio installation services, leaving you with the very best results for the very best rate.

Custom Pieces 

Whether you are looking to add a feature to your outdoor living space or simply add function, a custom stonework piece installed by J. Chavez Landscaping can be the answer! With seemingly endless options, you are truly in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing the best installation for your space. Working with our landscaping experts is effortless and offers you the ability to find a stonework or patio system that works for your personal residence or business. We will continue to offer innovative and effective solutions for our community members throughout North Richland Hills, TX.

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