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Tree & Shrub Trimming and Removal

reliable tree shrub and trimming

The importance of keeping your tree and shrubbery well maintained is seen in the life and the quality of growth that you will see prosper. Our team has the tools, experience, and passion necessary to deliver unparalleled results. We continue to grow and with this growth come additional services and opportunities for our team to help our community with any landscaping needs. Tree and shrub trimming is an essential service that we provide to commercial and residential clients throughout our community. We offer fair prices, high-quality results, and heightened customer service.

Tree Cutting ServiceĀ 

Not only will you receive a complete service from start to finish with J. Chavez Landscaping, but you will also be delivered with custom-tailored customer experience. We work with our clients on their terms to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed! Our removal services are not only limited to trees but can be applied to bushes and shrubbery. Our team is equipped with the tools and the experience to complete your tree and shrub removal service with safety top of mind while delivering real results. Contact our team today for your free, no-pressure quote or to book your cutting service.

Commercial Tree Service

Your commercial space may require more attention to detail than other properties! When you choose to work with our qualified team you receive this attention to detail and so much more. We offer a variety of commercial tree services that are designed to fit the needs of our clients. From tree service to bush removal, tree branch cutting, and tree trimming, your commercial landscaping needs are met and exceeded when you choose to utilize our complete packages. Find the right solution for your conundrum with one call to our caring and detailed customer service agents today.

Residential Tree Service

Keeping your residential property properly maintained provides you many benefits such as increased property value, increased aesthetic appeal, and the reduction of possible hazards. When trees or shrubbery are improperly maintained it leaves your personal property and your dwelling open to potential damage. Our team offers complete tree and shrub trimming and removal services that best fit the situation at hand. Our team is equipped with high-quality tools, safety gear, and the necessary knowledge to complete your tree service faster, and with higher quality results.


Keeping your tree and shrubbery properly pruned is essential to the overall health and growth of your specimen. Periodic professional pruning not only helps elongate the life of the tree, but it also molds the shape of the tree into an appealing shape. We have over fifteen years of experience within our community providing high-quality landscaping services, including pruning. Whether you are looking for seasonal preparation for the tree, or to deter pest and animal activity, our team can assist you with your pruning needs. Contact our team today to receive a comprehensive, no-pressure quote or to book your pruning services.

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