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Wood Fence Installation, Repair, and Staining

professional wood fence installation

Through our numerous years of providing dedicated service to community members of North Richmond Hill, we have garnered a reputation for reliable, lasting, and quality work. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide our community with affordable and effective wood fencing services, and we promise to continue our path towards new solutions. Wood fencing installations, repairs, and staining services are always conducted by trained and quality controlled team members. For each project that is undertaken by J. Chavez Landscaping, we assign a lead team member to ensure top quality and efficiency is maintained.

Wood Fence Installation 

Proper installation techniques are always followed closely by installing team members and team leads who monitor the progress of each project. We ensure that every wood fence is given the attention to detail, quality assurance, and care needed to deliver long-lasting and stable results. Whether you are looking to add privacy fencing, security fencing, or aesthetic fencing solutions on your property, you can trust J. Chavez Landscaping to complete the task with efficiency and high-quality results. Change the function, appeal, and flow of your outdoor living space with the help of our highly tenured landscaping professionals.

Wood Fence Repairs 

Through years of natural wear and tear, elements, or additional damage, your wood fence installation can become compromised. When looking for a partner to turn to for reliable and lasting wood fence repairs, you can look no further than J. Chavez Landscaping. With a reputation for providing lasting and quality repairs on a wood fence, our team has the skills, tools, and technique necessary to deliver you the results you deserve. Invest in your fence and extend the life with the help of our dedicated team members!

Wood Fence Staining 

Fences that adorn commercial or residential properties can benefit from the application of stain, or reapplication of stain throughout the lifespan of the installment! When it comes to choosing a provider to deliver your wood staining results, look no further than our experts! For over fifteen years our team has delivered results to community members and beyond. Our wood staining process begins with the professional power washing of the existing structure followed by additional preparatory steps if required. We go above and beyond, no matter the size of the project to ensure that quality is infused into each process.


When it comes to your existing fencing system, it could be more financially responsible to revive your installation rather than replacement! With a simple call or click, you can retain our comprehensive quotes and decide on the best solution for your situation. Refinishing your existing structure begins with determining the vitality of the wood and the level of deterioration. If not compromised we strip, prepare, repair, and stain the existing structure to reveal a new life! If you are looking for a dedicated and reputable provider for your fencing needs, look no further!

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